pesca deportiva



pesca con mosca 2FLY FISHING:
The first thing to do on entering the fly fishing is to pick a rod that from then on will become our partner. Ignorance of the beginner is meant by the many different models on the market. However, choosing our first cane should not become a complicated and difficult. It is only necessary to consider some recommendations.  


The spinning technique is to throw a lure of some weight and pick the right speed, so as to simulate a small fish that serves as an excellent artificial bait. Some decoys are so perfect that mimic the movements of a wounded fish.
pesca spinning 5The equipment used is lighter than the trolling: a flexible rod of a front reel provided with a more or less thin line that allows a greater distance throws and precise. 
The most common lures spoons of different weight, size and shape, and alligators, tubular.This type of fishing requires skill in managing the team, especially if the fishing is done in rivers or streams. The fisherman must be able to cast lures with great precision in direction and distance. 

Trolling is fishing lures towed from a boat propelled by oars or motor.
pesca trolling 5The lures used for this technique are called "alligators", plastic parts and wooden fish-shaped, highly effective for its shape and bright colors. Sometimes consist of moveable parts. There are some models with lights inside whose use is not permitted in protected natural areas and they are unsportsmanlike. The fisherman hooked the lure on the line and throws it overboard. With the boat in motion, let it walk away, as you release the spool. When the lure is about 50 or 60 meters, that traction hampers the progress of the boat do "work" the bait, ie begins to spin.
If the alligator not entangled, it produces a characteristic formwork on the tip of the cane. The best results are obtained along the coast to the lakes on the "contour", which begins a deep zone.  



The fishing season and surubí gold, is between the months of February and October, while the pacu and the vogue throughout the year.


pesca dorado 01Dorado, pirayú or tiger of the river (salminus maxillosus)
Surubí manchado or surubí painted (pseudiplatystoma corunscans)
Surubí atigrado or pirá pará (pseudoplatystoma fasciatum)
Pacú (piractus mesopotamicus)
Boga or bogón (leporinus obtusideus)
Patí or piracatinga (luciopimelodus pati)
Moncholo or white bagre (pimelodus albicans)
Bagre amarillo, bargre painted or stained bagre (pimelodus clarias maculatus)
pesca surubiSalmón, salmón criollo, or pirá pitá (brycon orbygniaus)
Corvina (plagiosción macdonaghi)
Manduré cuchara, pico of pato, manduré cucharón (sorubim lima)