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ITÁ IBATÉ (Corrientes)

Getting into town

From Buenos Aires:
LTake the National Route 9, then join the National Route 12.
Once through the Brazo Largo Bridge takes you to the National Route 14. Be incorporated into the EMP 130 National Road, then back to Route 14.
Will enter the National Route 119, continue along the National Route 123, and have access to National Route 12.
Will join National Route 118, take the turn onto Route 12 to reach Ita Ibaté.

From Rosario:
It will take at the National Route 33, leading up to National Route A008. You to the Highway Rosario-Santa Fe, then join the National Route 11.
Be incorporated into the National Route 16 until the Provincial Route 5, which will allow you later, take the National Route 12 which will lead to Ita Ibaté.

Air Access to Ita Ibaté:
Ita Ibaté has no airport, but if there is one in two nearby cities: Cambá Punta International Airport in Corrientes Capital, Posadas International Airport.

Approximate distances Ita Ibaté, Corrientes: 
Buenos Aires 1054 Km.
Corrientes 156 Km.
Esquina 396 Km.
Formosa 324Km.
Goya 370 Km.
Itatí 84 Km.
Ituzaingó 80 Km.
Monte Caseros 550 Km.
Paso de la Patria 117 Km.
Paso de los Libres 516 Km.
Posadas 153 Km.
Resistencia 174 Km.
Santo Tomé (Ctes) 228 Km.