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Visitors can learn Ita Ibaté, while enjoying the resort Barrancas de Brenn, camping, beaches and parks.

Historic House Gallino

Its former owner was one of the principal contributors to the organization of people, Don Juan Bautista Gallino.

Church of the Inmaculada Concepción

Provincial Historic Monument Ibaté Ita, this site is a necessary step for the history-loving tourists.<br /> This building belonged to the ancient Church of the Cross of Miracles of Corrientes. It has a colonial style and its main altar was carved by hand more than 300 years ago.

Cristo de la Hermandad

One of the nation's largest sculpture, is a Christ figure of 6.40 meters, hand-carved wooden cross and a red timbo 11 meters in height.
The Chilean artist Joaquin Sissa had the idea of joining the Republic of Argentina with a Christ like this in every province. He began work in January 1998 and ended 6 months later.

Quinchos Islands

Ovechá built on islands, Melilla and Santa Isabel, at the hands of the locals. There you will find tables and chairs outdoors and free to use.